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Annals of a Statistical Analyst

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." - Benjamin Disraeli

It's more than just standard deviations or whether the median is better than the mean. Do you know why or how the pollsters in the 2016 US election got it so wrong? Did you know Target™ found out a teen girl was pregnant before her father? These events show the importance of sampling and the of the power of predictive analytics, which is a part of inferential statistics.


Learn more about introductory statistics, probability theory, mathematical statistics, and regression analysis.


Current research focuses on breast cancer and the risk associated with exposure to a ubiquitous group of carcinogens, as well as how prolonged exposure can modify the effect of genetic susceptibilities in certain genes associated with metabolic pathways.

Other areas of interest include predictive modelling, occupational exposure assessment, bioinformatics, big data analytics, and data mining.

News & Articles

How do I randomize my experiment? Should I even have to do a randomization? To analyze my data, should I use a logistic or that fish regression method, and should I use R or SPSS or minitab?

Answers: That can be done using a random number generator; probably yes; depends on the data, the outcome, and I think you mean poisson, but yes it is french for fish; and R - yes, SPSS - yes, minitab - no, just no. Need help with your statistics or analysis? Drop me a line and we can talk more.

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