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[Statistics] Truth, lies, and everything in between

Statistics is a funny thing. As the title eludes to, statistics can easily be misused on purpose, as in the case with a "Doctor" (he whose name must not be spoken) and the damage he did by fabricating a link between autism and vaccinations, or by mistake and/or ignorance. Statistics is defined as:

sta·tis·tics (noun) \stə-ˈtis-tiks\ : a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data

and an important aspect of it and its usefulness (and dangers) is the interpretation of the data, which is why "transparency and detail are everything in science" - Ben Goldacre (If you have never heard of Dr. Goldacre I strongly recommend looking up his work Bad Science).

There is no real purpose of this site, but on occasion you will find things (that I hope) make statistics more appealing because, despite its usefulness and importance, most of us do not want to deal with stats as it can be very boring and dry. As this page evolves, you can find articles of interest, papers I've published, notes on topics within statistics, epidemiology, and public health, and various tips and codes in R (and other stats packages).

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