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[StFX] Osmosis won't work on books: Extra STAT201 tutorials (**UPDATED***)

Hi all,

As mentioned in class today (STAT201:11, I'll mention this to you tomorrow), two of the markers for 201 have indicated that they would be willing to do a group tutorial for the final examination. They will be offering a 2 hour tutorial on either Sunday (December 6th), Monday (December 7th), or Wednesday (December 9th). [Correction: Only ONE of these days is currently scheduled unless there is sufficient numbers to incentivize them to offer a second day.] All three of them would occur some time between 5-9:00, so there would be no issue with respect to time-conflicts. They will be charging $10.00 per person and I would strongly recommend you go to their tutorial, especially since their normal rate is $15/hour and you would get 2 hours of their time.

Please follow the link here and select which day is best for you by Friday of this week as I have to book rooms for it. As an incentive, I will be giving them access to old exams with full solutions; so if you attend you will get the chance to see what a 201 final would look like while having two third year's helping you out to break down each solution. Also, they are allowed to say more about the final than I can mention officially.

- Derrick

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