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I am currently an Assistant Professor at St. Francis Xavier University where I teach a variety of topics, including introductory statistics, probability theory, mathematical statistics, and regression analysis. To find posts relating to my my recent courses see the teaching menu above or below for my current term.

If you were a previous student and would like access to the material, please contact me with your name, course number, and student ID. 


I have previously been involved in several courses offered by the Department of Statistics and the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia, including STAT200, STAT241/251, and SPPH400, which covers introductory statistics; STAT308, which is a computational statistics lab course covering the application of statistics and computer programming; SPPH503, which covers epidemiological methods and applications; and SPPH511, which covers current topics and subjects within cancer epidemiology.


I have also been associated with SPPH's ramp-up courses, which are week-long seminars covering the basics of biostatistics and epidemiology, as well as computational aspects. I have archived the computational aspect of the seminars for those interested. If you are looking for information or material on the previous seminars/ramp-up course, feel free to contact me. 




For course related work, assignments, etc., you can find a few datasets that you can use with various software languages (e.g. SPSS, R, etc.) to practice analyzing by clicking here.

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